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Tune Ups and Maintenance

Getting your car tuned up may be the best way to make sure you are increasing the overall life of the vehicle while maximizing its gas mileage and power.

Tune-ups should happen at least every 30,000 miles or every two years, depending on the age and mileage of the car.

The goal of a tune-up is to make sure that all the “little things” that are often overlooked are working correctly and being replaced if needed. Here is a typical tune-up:

  • Change the spark plugs and check the plug wires. Loss of mileage, loss of power, and rough starts are often attributed to bad plugs or wires. We want to make sure you get new plugs that are spaced correctly, and that we replace any old wires that are in bad shape.
  • Replace the distributor cap and rotor. New cars are coming out without these two items, but if you have them, they will get replaced to prevent future breakdowns.
  • Check the ignition system and timing. This is for older vehicles that rely on ignition timing.
  • Make sure that valves are adjusted if needed and check/replace gaskets if oil is leaking.
  • Belts are an important part of the tune-up. There’s nothing worse than having a belt bust on you while you are driving down the road. All belts will be checked and replaced if signs of wear are present.
  • Check all fluids and top off any levels as needed.
  • Change the oil and filter if needed.
  • Check and replace the air filter.
  • Check and adjust the clutch in cars with manual transmission.
  • Service the battery by cleaning cables, adding distilled water, and cleaning the terminals.

This doesn’t mean that you’re going to need all of these services, we believe in only replacing what needs to be replaced.

A little TLC can help your car give you years of additional and reliable service.  Let us help you!

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